From comic books to movies: the superheroes are always loved

A superhero is a person with extraordinary abilities who use them in order to do something good. From saving their family and friends to saving the whole world, millions of stories tell the life of brave people doing everything they can to help others. They have always been popular. From the first comic book to the last blockbuster movie, the audience fell in love with these characters that spread great values through their misadventures. With different background stories and capacities, there are numerous superheroes nowadays.

Superheroes exist for so many decades now. We have seen them in comic books, animated series and movies. Since the early 1940s, they have amazed the whole world and made children dream they were true. In these days, they are everywhere. They have become the gods of modern mythology. Everyone knows them. Superhero movies have become common.

Superheroes are strongly linked with the reality and help in troubled times

Superheroes have never appeared in just simple times. To be saved, you have to be in trouble. Superhero stories happen in hard times, and to make it more real, we are used to having it clearly linked to the reality. It is easy to show that superheroes’ creation has always been linked with a period of hard times. The main example we can talk about is Captain America. Created in 1940, the Captain is the hero of the Second World War. He fights against German and Japanese. He is the main character of a story as well as a way to give back some determination and will to the soldiers.

There are also many other examples of superhero stories that were created in troubled times. In the 1960s, people were afraid of the atomic bomb because of the Cold War. That was at that time that the Hulk, the Fantastic Four or even Iron Man were created. Their common point? The origin of their extraordinary capacities. Indeed, they are all superheroes with power that comes from atomic or gamma ray origins. Superheroes give us hope. They let us hope that, in time of trouble, we can be saved by these extraordinary people.

The needed technology is available

Studios are confident in their technology. Indeed, the cinema has changed in a drastic way in only a few decades. It has gained so many devices and software that allow them to create more things. It is not only about creating them, it also has to be realistic. A movie won’t work if the audience can clearly see that it is not real. For a movie to be popular, it has to completely immerse the audience in its world.

Everyone can look at the first movie adaptations ever made from superhero comic books. And they will all tell you how bad it was because you can understand all the tricks they used to make it seem real. But nowadays, movies have come to an unprecedented level of reality. Studios are looking for superhero comic books to adapt simply because they can do so. Directors are free to create everything that is in their minds, and young directors know exactly how to use the technologies to do so.

All heroes are human

If superhero movies are popular, it is because they are well thought and built. It is not only a story, it is mostly characters. Characters that have to be thought about. If you want the audience to like your character, you have to make it human so that people can identify themselves with the story. Under the mask of a vigilante, there is a man or a woman who has been through a lot of personal issues before deciding to fight. People can relate to their trauma and/or loss. That is when they will begin to immerse themselves in the film.

Superheroes share problems and daily lives with us. In their fights for justice, they share good values to the audience. They inspire and provide models.

From the comic books to the movies, superheroes have come a long way. They have been changed, murdered, reborn, etc. They have long and numerous stories to tell, and so many people ready to listen to their stories. From children to parents, superhero fans are everywhere. Are you one of them? Find numerous superhero items from the Superman Cap to the Captain America beanie. Small items you can wear to show your passion for these amazing characters.

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