3 Facts on Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is one of the most famous superheroes from the DC Comics. Along with Batman and Superman, she is one of the few superheroes that have lasted that long. Goddess and a great fighter, she is an Amazonian superhero. She appeared in a comic for the first time in 1941. She is one of the first female superheroes and has become a feminist icon. Beautiful and muscular, Wonder Woman has extraordinary skills in tactics, hunting, and combat. Her capacities are also improved thanks to great Amazonian weapons such as her indestructible bracelets and the Lasso of Truth.

After her first appearance, she soon became as popular as Superman and Batman. The character broke down all the usual ideas about female character ever made so far. She was a butt-kicking champion of justice. Strong and intelligent, it showed a new image of women and put the character as a feminist icon for many people.

Wonder Woman: the instant hit

The first appearance of Wonder Woman had an impressive effect. In 1941, the world discovered the Amazonian superhero in All-Star Comics. It marked a turn in the superhero creation as the character took the comics world by storm. The audience loved the character and her story. She fastly became one of the favorite superheroes from the DC Comics. The publisher of the comics featuring Wonder Woman knew that this character was something great.

Her second appearance followed the first by only a couple of weeks. In less than a year, she gained the same fame as her future allies, Superman and Batman. Thanks to her popularity, she was the first superhero character to get her own book in 1942.

Wonder Woman has never worn a skirt

The very first design of the character had a fully Grecian look. But the creator of the character and his wife rejected the idea. Reflecting together on the design of Wonder Woman, they thought a skirt was not a good thing for combat and they insisted on boots over the Grecian sandals.

That is why Wonder Woman has never worn a skirt. Even if, in the first books, it may look like it, she actually wears split pants which length varies. It’s so loose that it isn’t easy to know, but the creators and publishers are confident about it: it was never a skirt.

Wonder Woman wanted to reform criminals

At the time of her creation, Batman and Superman were the most famous comic superheroes. It was before the censorship of the Comics Code Authority, and their stories were more violent than now. Batman used guns and Superman hanged the criminals he caught over the edge of buildings. When Wonder Woman was created, they decided that this character would bear strict moral. Following this idea, she would not kill people. Instead, she was looking for a way to reform them, in order to get them back to their original state (before they would become a criminal).

Not only was she the first female superhero, she has drastically changed the comics world. A real storm ever since her creation, she is a source of inspiration and a great feminist icon. Her famous “W” logo is a symbol for every woman. All women should wear a Wonder Woman item to show their strength and their admiration for the character.

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