Who are sons of Anarchy?

Ever felt left out in a conversation and not being aware of what people are talking about all? With all the TV shows we have now, it’s hard to keep track of each one of them and when friends start talking about one, you find yourself completely out of date and unable to follow. Well, let us give you a quick overview of what Sons of Anarchy is about. Cable and satellite television channels are full of TV shows, some with incomplete seasons, some who are never ending and some who end after the 7th season. Sons of Anarchy belongs to the third category.

What is it all about?

What is the TV show about? Well, it’s all about the lifestyle, struggles and drama within a biker’s gang who also happen to help maintain orders within a town called Charming. Pretty interesting so far, right? Now, it’s noteworthy to mention that there are conflicts of interest, drama, compromises and a lot of action in this show; like in all TV shows would you say? Umh, not in all of them. Bummer. And, would it be worth watching if there was none anyway!

It is written By Kurt Sutter

The TV show was created by Kurt Sutter and broadcast by FX, starting in 2008 and ended with the 7th season in 2014. Each season had thirteen episodes of about nineteen minutes. It was a very successful show whose number of viewers increased with every new season. And it was actually one of the rare shows that still had 5.47 million viewers on it’s the 5th season. And the beginning of the 7th season had 6.2 million viewers, for the first episode, mostly people from 18 to 49.

A bikers Gang

Now let’s dive a little deeper into it. Like we said before, the whole show is basically about a biker’s gang. But mostly, it’s about one member who is struggling between following the gang’s code and choosing to live a better life for his family, especially with the birth of his son who was born prematurely and with health problems since his mother was injected herself with drugs during pregnancy. The gang itself is torn between his own activities – dealing with rival gangs – and protecting the town from dealers and other corrupted people – making its relationship with police complicated due to the ways they use to handle intricate situations. People in Charming – and that’s the town’s name by the way – fears but also has got respect for the gang as its members help maintain security in the town and fight against injustice.

A zest of Shakespeare?

The show is also known to be inspired by Shakespeare's Hamlet. So, Hamlet, summarized in a very simple way is about a man who wants revenge upon his uncle for murdering his father and then marrying his mother. Actually, it’s way more than just that, but that’s the part that got our interest as Sons of Anarchy is similar to Hamlet from that story point of view. In fact, when you take a closer look at the TV show, you can see that it’s about Jax, who can be referred to as the son, resenting Clay, his uncle, for he took the lead of the gang after murdering his father and marrying his mother, Gemma.

What does Samcro mean?

Now if you see someone wearing a SAMCRO t-shirt, it’s because this is the full name of the original gang. It’s actually an acronym and stands for Sons Of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Redwood Originals. And if some of you ever wondered what the Redwood Originals writing on their jacket is about, it actually means that they are part of the founding club of Sons of Anarchy, unlike their other charters founded later, just like in Ireland for example.

A realistic Story

The success of this TV show lies in the author ability to keep the story very realistic and engaging for the audience. Other critics also claim that the actors’ performances – especially Charlie Hunnam and Katey Sagal – were just outstanding and very convincing. And they would as well attribute the TV show’s success to other parameters such as the music in it, guest stars, and the drama happening between Jax and Tara, giving a sweet touch of romance to the outlaws’ gang context of the story.

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